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Have you Always wondered how an impending death experience goes ? We have the answer.
While you are between life and death, an entity comes to visit you. Legend has it that it is Igbal, a strange character who is the passenger between life and death. It is said that during an imminent death experience, it appears to test you in order to know whether it should bring you back to life or send you into the afterlife.
If you want to return to life, try not to disappoint him


Your goal is to escape from the house using the objects you can find. But be careful, Igbal won't let you escape so easily.
Doctors are going to use five electric shocks, so you're going to have five tests, but after those five tests, death will be waiting for you.
Above all, avoid making noise.



Igbal's Judgment.rar 692 MB


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Played this for a free random horror game. i had the best time i've had in awhile in a game solely by laughing at Igbal. I give a bit of a review at the end if you're interested.